So uh…

Last night Nick sat with Mother Aya (*I wrote this post on Tuesday and sat Thursday night)

In the lead up life became quite interesting, eye-opening and eventful

They sat that your Aya experience begins before you drink…

…and that is the truth

One such experience occurred Monday Morning. In a sleepy haze at 5am Nick told his fiancé to lock their screen door as she left for work

She did

Nick awoke later to find himself trapped inside the house. He didn’t have an internal key to the screen door…

…there was no opening the door till she arrived home and he didn’t feel like jumping out a window — so some unique isolation it was

That same night were 3 epic and vivid dreams. All made zero sense but had one single theme run through them

Surprise surprise, a locked door was integral

He journaled on what this meant. After all, without thinking, for some idiotic reason he expressed to lock the screen door

One of the things we’re world-class at doing as humans is be blind to our onw bias’…

…we cannot see what’s on the label when we’re inside the bottle

Sure, we see the bias’ of others like an Elephant in broad daylight. Our own though? You couldn’t find them regardless how hard you looked

And this is the question Nick asked himself…

What is this “imprisonment” showing him? Why did his subconscious want the door locked?


…it’s a representation of how he traps himself. Of how he self sabotages himself on a daily basis

  • Cancel the meeting
  • Don’t do the work
  • Don’t send the message

All these negations as he focuses on what he doesn’t not want

Excellent… but what’s the shift to be made? What’s the integration?

Follow the heart. Listen to it. It knows the way

It always has

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