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What if you were to focus more on what doesn’t make sense to you and less time on the things that do make sense to you?

After all — anyone looking for confirmation (*see: confirmation bias) is surely to find it anywhere they look…

…and they’ll find enough of it to deceive themselves enough to thinking they know the truth (*and then convince their peers of the same)

And as such, the gap between what we do know and what we don’t know becomes dangerously wide — as we think we know more than we actually do

Ego rises. Seeing…

Take a moment to glance the way you “think” about things…

…if you’re like most humans, the matrix you make your decisions through is very similar, limited, and happens faster than you could ever comprehend

Firstly, our decisions often go through two funnels:

  • Is it right
  • Is it wrong

It’s neither. It cannot be right and it cannot be wrong as neither options exist in reality…

…they’re made up. They’re subjective. What’s “right” to one person is different to another and so forth — so the matrix is inaccurate and untrue

It’s not useful to us

And so we can…

“It is easier to keep adding exceptions and justifications to a belief than to admit that a challenger has a better explanation.”

— Zeynep Tufekci


…as humans we’re wired to continually take the path of least resistance

Whether it’s physically — or in this sense mentally and emotionally — give us the easy way out in the short term


Because we lack the ability to critically and properly think for ourselves & project a thought experiment where we run this choice through the framework of our all-encompassing life

It’s easier to simply add to our own confirmation bias…

Life has a way of spoiling us at times…

…and right now, Nick is spoilt — simply in a way one wouldn’t wish to be spoilt

Two of the people Nick loves most in his life are experiencing some form of cancer

There are many emotions, feelings, sensations and memories attached with this word for an abundance of people

And Nick is allowing himself to feel the full spectrum of what comes up for him as it arises

What he observes most is that NOTHING has changed externally. …

Salto mortale — a beautiful phrase from the beautiful Italians

It’s definition?

“To take a deadly jump”

It’s a phrase we’ve long forgotten in this go big, go home and only go if the success is worth the risk society

“Going” for the sake, joy and beauty of “going” isn’t sufficient anymore…

…and yet, in Truth, it’s the sole valid reason to “go”

Why have we shifted this understanding and association?

Because we’re mixing our words…

…what we understand today is not the same as what was taught & put into place at the beginning of time when things were…

A few weeks ago, Nick had his second sitting with the beautiful Shamanic Snuff — Rapé…

His first experience with her was in Inverloch where he was blessed to experience a “feminine blend” that opened his heart, mind and soul to the Divine Feminine of the world and of “he”

It was beautiful. Completely and utterly loving

Yes, it was challenging as well (*the work that comes with all plant medicines is). Yet the challenging was seeing a lot of things Nick had been sticking his head in the sand to for decades

He saw all the women in his…

They say the only way OUT is through…

…yet the Truth is the only way THROUGH is through

Cold +heat, exposure, fasting, breath holding, intense plant medicine — they’ve been my greatest teachers (*so far)

And one powerful lesson has stood out above all others…

…“it” simply has to pass (*and “it” changes from moment to moment)

People think these experiences are about suffering through the stimulus — the cold, the heat, the discomfort, the unknown — yet that’s solely the first, very superficial, layer

As the stimulus increases in your system it must pass through you. It must be…

There’s this voice…

…it’s wise. It’s old. It’s a voice with experience to it

Think Gandalf meets Mr Miyagi and Yoda

and it’s speaking to Nick. It’s asking him questions

Nick’s reflecting back on the last 2 years. He’s creating space to gather data and plan

“So what’s changed in the last 2 years, Nick”, the voice asks

“Well, the first thing is…”

Yet before Nick can finish — the voice cuts him off

“No. What’s changed…” he asks again — this time staff pointing toward Nicks chest

See. Nick wanted to project everything externally that’s changed

Achievements. Creations. Projects…

What is it about nature that draws humans in…

…especially in challenging times

We’re pulled to gravitate toward the ocean, the moon, the forests, the rivers and the animals

It’s as if gravity is working on a different scale

Nature supports us to remember the insignificance of our selves. Compared to what is, we’re no-thing (*and everything at the same time)

Nature reflects back to us our innermost truth of our infinite potentialities for creation and change

Nature connects us to source. To Truth. Take a drop of water out of the ocean and it’s still part of the ocean…

Mans reach exceeds his grasp…

…actually (*surprise, surprise) — this well known comment is inaccurate

What’s True?

Mans grasp exceeds his nerve

We’re capable of a heck of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for…

…in fact — when we’re in a state of “complete and total rest” our potentials are infinite

What stems us is our courage, belief, and ability to “see” inside our Self for what our Self is really capable of

If your “nerve” were stronger and greater — what would you strive for?

What “excuses” arise as to why you can’t do it?

What’s your “proof” (*is it accurate and true or inaccurate and false)?

Strengthen that nerve, dear Human. We need you (*and YOU need you too)

Nick Maier

Nick Maier

World-Class Copywriter. Sharing An Idea A Day about Copywriting & Hard Hitting Truths About The Stuff You Don’t Want To Hear or Acknowledge, But Need To…

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